QualityMentors Blog

This blog is a membership based discussion forum on Project Management, Software Quality, CMMI® for development, ISMS and associated subjects. It provides a common platform for our training participants and others to share views and obtain expert opinion on issues related to above subjects. Also, it is used by QualityMentors training participants to upload their personal details in a secured manner in line to the guidelines laid down in ISO/IEC 17024:2003. This blog draws its strength from its members who are welcome to share professional and personal experiences, comments, articles and reference links to make it a preferred knowledge repository for their collective use. It encourages fact based decision making as an success enabler for projects in member organizations.

Cultural Awareness

As a responsible corporate citizen, QualityMentors believe in universal brotherhood between the mankind from various countries and social/ ethnic backgrounds. The cultural awareness initiative of the company, called ‘Universal Brotherhood’ reflects on our beliefs.   We intend to present an assortment of information on various cultures through this initiative. ‘Universal Brotherhood’ section of QualityMentors library welcomes everyone who wants to contribute articles, or wishes to go though the information available here. This blog of QualityMentors Blog provides an open member discussion forum on cultural issues. Members are encouraged to discuss personal experiences, real life case studies, published resources and success stories. We invite and encourage everyone believing in universal brotherhood to participate in this initiative.

Incidentally, Cultural Awareness and Universal Brotherhood are strong enablers to the success of multi-location, multi-national or multi-cultural projects. It therefore makes business sense to successful Project and Program Managers follow the knowledge presented on this page…..Ribhu Nath Lavania, Principal Consultant, QualityMentors.

Please visit Cultural Awareness Section of QualityMentors Library.

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