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This blog is a membership based discussion forum on Project Management, Software Quality, CMMI® for development, ISMS and associated subjects. It provides a common platform for our training participants and others to share views and obtain expert opinion on issues related to above subjects. Also, it is used by QualityMentors training participants to upload their personal details in a secured manner in line to the guidelines laid down in ISO/IEC 17024:2003. This blog draws its strength from its members who are welcome to share professional and personal experiences, comments, articles and reference links to make it a preferred knowledge repository for their collective use. It encourages fact based decision making as an success enabler for projects in member organizations.


QualityMentors provide Training, Consultancy and Appraisal services, mainly in the areas of Project Management and software quality. We specialize in:

  • Project Management Training and Consultancy,
  • Metrics Based SPI (Software Process Improvement),
  • CMMI® for Development,
  • Removal of  your pain points through process optimization,
  • Project health Checks, and
  • SCAMPI(SM) Appraisals.

Whether your process and product improvement needs arise from growth or your customers demand to achieve a particular CMMI maturity/capability level or you are simply looking for ways to improve your process, project or product performance, we at QualityMentors are eagerly willing to assist.

We keep our overheads low and are therefore able to offer cost effective consultancy and training services to our esteemed clients.

We usually start consultancy assignments by conducting a gap analysis against organizational business objectives, current improvement needs/ pain-points and the requirements of the process improvement model the client organization wants to follow. The findings, based on detailed interviews with people representing stakeholders from top to bottom are presented in the form of a Radar chart and detailed area wise analysis. Finally, the suggested road map is presented to achieve desired results. By involving people who are actual doers and suggesting how to remove their pain-points, the improvement initiative starts taking roots. Through this approach,   the process improvement program remains in auto- pilot mode for years to come.

QualityMentors conduct Public, In-house and Web Based Trainings on subjects related to Project Management and Software Quality. Our  online training courses are getting more and more popular worldwide.

We  undertake  assignments only in the areas where we have world class expertise. And our expertise lies in the full range of Project Management, CMMI® – Dev. and associated subjects, project health checks,  audits/ appraisals, ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and other Software Process Improvement activities.


171, Himgiri Apartments, Sector 34, Noida: 201307, INDIA

Phones # +91- 9873009984; +91-120-2508619; E-mail: info@qmentors.com

* (A registered firm under Indian law)

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